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CABJ Task Forces

Seven (7) subgroups have been created within the collective CABJ organization which are designed to address the specific needs of our diverse membership. Each Task Force will provide members with targeted networking and information sharing that will help members succeed in their respective area of expertise.

CABJ will hold break-out sessions for the task forces at our General Membership Meetings. Each month, task force members will be able to develop and build their knowledge, skills and contacts through the use of networking sessions, information sharing, resource materials, referral leads, mini-workshops, expert guest speakers, special projects, contests, competitions and various how-to topics which will support members in their individual career goals and endeavors.

Magazine Publishers Task Force - For Magazine and Periodical Publishers, Publishing Executives and Entrepreneurs

Visual Task Force - For Photographers, Videographers, Graphic Designers, Page Designers and Illustrators

Production Task Force - Producers, Production Assistants, Directors, Technical Directors, Sound Technicians and other individuals involved in Radio, Television and Internet/Multimedia production

Public Relations Task Force - For Public Relations Practitioners, Promotion, Publicity Professionals and Event Planners

Freelancers Task Force - For Freelance Writers, Columnists, and Editors

Sports Task Force - For Sports Journalists in print, radio, tv and online, Sports
Reporters, Sportswriters, Sports Anchors

Student Task Force - For College-Level Students; special projects and programs designed for and by CABJ Student Members to meet their needs.

CABJ's new direction and goals include assisting its members to advance and succeed in their careers. All CABJ members are eligible to sign up for individual task force groups!

Sign up by mail or e-mail at our listserv:

All Task Forces are headed up by Team Leaders. We are recruiting and developing leaders for the CABJ Community. If you are interested in serving as a team leader, please contact us.