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CABJ Community

What is new about the 33 year old CABJ?
The Chicago Association of Black Journalists has adopted a  bold, new direction that is based on a "Community" model.  "An effective association provides members with a forum for the exchange of ideas, a market in which to transact business, and a collective voice that can support them on issues of mutual concern.  As members' needs shift, it has become increasingly important for associations to foster a sense of community."

Now more than ever, we need the strength of community collaboration to accomplish our individual and collective goals.  Community is vital because a sense of "being connected" moves people beyond being "just a member on a membership roster list" to an active, productive and integral participant of the association. 
The community model can help build an effective association that serves its members' needs.  As a CABJ Community Member you will enjoy:
  • Membership: a feeling of belonging or sharing a sense of relatedness.
  • Influence: a sense of mattering and being able to make a difference.
  • Integration and Fulfillment of Needs: a sense that the resources received through membership in the group will meet your needs.
  • Shared Emotional Connection: the belief that members have shared, and will share a history of similar experience.
With these key elements in mind, the 2002-2004 Board of Directors of the Chicago Association of Black Journalists: An Independent Association of 21st Century Media Professionals have created new programs and initiatives that will foster a "real community environment" and "support system" for our members.

As a member of CABJ, you can:
  • Strengthen your knowledge and enjoy face-to-face and online discussions on key issues via our new programs, activities and networking events
  • Network and exchange ideas and get answers from your peers through our networking events, list serves, social media groups, task force meetings and exchange information and ideas with colleagues who share your specific interest areas
  • Get solutions to your problems through CABJ's Information and Resource Exchange Initiatives
  • Be a part of a collective force through strategic relationships with other Chicago professional, business, social and civic organizations through connection with CABJ's partnership and collaboration initiatives
  • Get recognized for your accomplishments and excellence in your work through CABJ's Annual Media Awards Competition
  • Be encouraged and supported in the development of your professional career goals through our member services
  • Get empowered to take charge of your career and make a difference in the community