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CABJ Initiatives

We will accomplish our mission through the following initiatives:

I.  Task Forces.  Seven (7) sub-groups have been created within the collective        group that is designed to address the specific needs and issues of our members.  The Task Forces are: (1) Magazine Publishers Task Force; (2) Visual Task Force; (3) Production Task Force; (4) Public Relations Task Force; (5) Freelancers Task Force; (6) Sports Task Force; and (7) Student Task Force.

II Professional Development.  We provide skill-building programs, workshops and discussion forums that will develop our member's skills and foster excellence in their work.

III.  Networks.  Networking event opportunities that give members the opportunity to make contacts and compare notes with fellow journalists and professionals from other disciplines ---- print, broadcast, new media and public relations.

IV.  Multimedia Communications Technology.  Utilization of the CABJ website as an Electronic Resource Center for training, discussion, information sharing and the flow of information among CABJ members and the Chicago community.

V.  Partnerships and Collaborations.  CABJ partners with other professional journalism organizations to encourage and promote diversity in the media.  CABJ also partners with other business; professional and community organizations on various projects and initiatives that will serve the memberships' need as well the community at large.

VI.  Membership Services.  CABJ will provide our members with services and programs that will support and assist members in pursuing their career endeavors.

* Interactive & Connectability Meetings  - (No more boring talking heads meetings)
* Media Advocacy Program - Revamped advocacy program that serves as a watchdog  for the issues and the rights of African American journalists.
* Decision Makers Brown Bag Series - a great opportunity to discuss and lunch with Chicago's  most influential media executives and leaders.
* Yahoo Group List Serves - For all CABJ including individual task force list serves
* Workshops, panel discussions, and special events specially tailored for CABJ members
* Media Awards Competition - recognizing and honoring excellence in the profession
* New CABJ grants and fellowship programs for our new and up & coming journalists
* Membership Kit - includes membership card, member certificate, CABJ pin & members only password access to the CABJ website.

VII.  Community Outreach.  The community outreach initiative offers new and improved Internship Programs for colleges students, Mentor Programs through our "Developing Young Journalists" Initiative, new elementary and high school CABJ Journalism Clubs; Media News Watch Service and Speakers' Bureau.


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