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Standing Committees

Program Planning
The program planning committee is responsible for all standard CABJ functions including the annual awards program, student scholarship programs, the Decisionmakers brown bag lunch series and the coordination and planning of general membership programs.

The membership committee is responsible for approving all applications for membership, administration of all recruiting and annual membership drive functions, coordinating with the communications committee for monthly mailings and maintaining member relations.
The communications committee is responsible for coordinating all internal and external CABJ communications utilizing the monthly Update mailings, website, hotline, listserv and newsletter. The communications committee is responsible for making sure that the monthly Update, any announcements and board meeting notices are sent out via snail mail, e-mail and/or the CABJ Listserv. The communications committee will also be responsible for developing publicity strategies for CABJ sponsored events and sending out press releases to the media. 

Fund Raising
The fund raising committee is responsible for planning and implementing all non-standard activities designed to generate income for the organization.

The nominating committee is responsible for overseeing all elections and procedures requiring a ballot vote.

Ad Hoc Committees

Russ Ewing Excellence in Journalism Awards
The Russ Ewing Excellence in Journalism Awards and Scholarship Presentation is CABJ's annual fundraiser. The awards program committee is responsible for administering the annual media awards program in its entirety. That includes sending out the call for entries, receiving the entries, arranging for the judging of entries, ordering awards etc. The awards program committee is also responsible for coordinating with the scholarship committee for presentation of student scholarships and with the fundraising committee for sponsorships and monetary support for the program.

The scholarship committee is responsible for coordinating with area college/university journalism programs to encourage eligible student candidates to apply for our scholarships. The committee will review all student candidate scholarship application materials and determine which of those students are eligible to receive scholarships to be awarded at our annual media awards program.
CABJ Student Journalism Club
This new committee is part of our new Mentor Program created under our "Developing Young Journalists" initiative. Through the student journalism club committee, CABJ   will partner with area elementary and high schools to encourage African American students to consider journalism as a career. The journalism club committee will coordinate also with the CABJ speaker's bureau to bring in African American journalists that are involved in every aspect of the news gathering and production process to speak to the students.

Speaker's Bureau
The revived speaker's bureau is also part of our new Mentor Program created under our "Developing Young Journalists" initiative. Volunteers will speak at various elementary schools and high schools as part of the CABJ student journalism club program as well as for career days. The speaker's bureau committee will also speak to members of our college student chapters.
The newsletter committee is responsible for producing a quarterly newsletter featuring organizational activities, committee reports, and other story content and information of importance to our membership. Two editions are to be published electronically (posted to the CABJ website) and one printed. The newsletter committee will also be responsible for the preparation and publishing of the CABJ Annual Report.